Kildevæld Kulturcenter

Kildevæld Cultural Center is a versatile and flexible space for families, grandparents, children and young people.

Kildevæld Cultural Center is still under construction - after many years of planning and work - so its community is currently located in and around outer Østerbro, as a cultural house without an official address or house just yet. 

What we’re about

Kildevæld Cultural Center is a versatile and flexible space for families, grandparents, children and young people. Like an extension of your living room, where you can go and immerse yourself in your interests, it is a platform for movement and for expressing cultural and nature-inspired ideas. The physical site will inspire and support these everyday meetings between different people who are invited to be co-creators of it all. 

What we offer 

Located in an exciting area in outer Østerbro, Kildevæld Cultural Center will attract a very diverse mix of people, with many cultural and leisure initiatives available. Currently there is a park, a manned playground and an amphitheater - used for the annual Bollywood Festival - which can be used for cultural events. The final Cultural Center will accommodate 1,020 m2 of flexible event space and office facilities, with an additional kitchen and library. 

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