Located in an old four-story warehouse, Huset is best described as a vertical festival ground.

Huset is offering up to five events daily from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the high season. The halls are always buzzing with life, and you can enjoy everything from boardgames and concerts to cult film showings in costumes. With a long history of activism, volunteerism and avantgarde art, it is a cultural institution like no other. 

What we are about

Born out of a call for democratic reforms in the 1970’s, Huset was created by hippies and activists wanting to create a better society using art and culture. Ever since, it has been at the centre of cultural movements such as the Redstockings, punk and grunge, and the spirit lingers to this day in the core values of community, volunteering and co-creation. Here, everyone can chip in and help ensure the broad variety of events and happenings, which has been the hallmark of Huset for more than 50 years. 
The regular programme offers events in music, theatre, performances, open mic, literature, talks, poetry, boardgames, comedy, cult films and everything in between. 

What we have to offer

Music, movies, performing arts, words and boardgames: 
Diversity is at the heart of what Huset is all about. The overall categories of the regular programme are music, movies, performing arts, words, and boardgames, but in practice many events cross over and categories intersect. 

Previously, the different artforms were kept separate on different scenes, but now the staff at Huset is actively working to merge genres and play with formats in order to create unique events under the best of conditions. 

During the summer, most events and concerts at Huset are moved outside to the cozy atrium. Amongst these is Copenhagen Jazz Festival which fills the air in July with music from early afternoon till late at night. And the best part is that all concerts here are free. 

Community: Huset is one big motley crew of volunteers from all walks of life and different associations, organizations and event groups each cultivating their particular interest together. 

Here, great ideas can take root and have room to grow, and everyone is encouraged to reach out with their inputs to future cultural events and activities, no matter their background. The old warehouse has given rise to both festivals, art collectives, and booking groups, and no idea is too small. Where there is a demand, there is a way. 

Facility letting: At Huset you will find a facility for every occasion, whether it be for a reception, a birthday, an album release, a quiz night, a theme party, or just an event out of the ordinary. 

For larger events, the facilities of Salon K are available, with its historical décor dating back to 1750. Furthermore, all scenes are available to let for both public and private events. This includes Xenon, the theatre on the fourth floor, the Music Café on the third floor, the cinema on the second floor, and the jazz-stage, Stardust, on the first floor. 

How people can get involved

Volunteerism is the foundation of Huset, and more than 200 volunteers make up the backbone of everything going on, from managing the different bars to working behind the scenes of all the events taking place. Some volunteer out of sheer passion of an interest, others to get free access to concerts and learn about event production, PR, or photography, and others still just love being part of the volunteer community. 

Volunteer teams:  

  • Bar staff 
  • Band care 
  • PR volunteer 
  • Boardgame guru at Bastard café 
  • Volunteer at Huset's Cinema 

How to engage

Huset is a community open to everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability, and all facilities are wheelchair accessible. If you are a wheelchair user attending a concert, the staff can help you access the service elevator, if notified in advance.  

If you have suggestions for a project, want to volunteer, or are interested in using the facilities for an event, you can always drop by and have a chat, or reach out through the website or Facebook page. For more information on opening hours and tickets, please:

Visit Huset's website

If you are a student or looking for work, you can even apply for an internship in the fields of communications, PR and events by reaching out through

Huset is part of the unit DIT:KBH, which also counts the cultural institutions Kraftwerket, Kulturhuset Indre By, Krudttønden, Villa Kultur, Onkel Dannys Plads, Basement,  Union and Stairway.  

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