10 activities in Copenhagen

Copenhagen prides itself on providing many opportunities for leisure and cultural activities.

With more than twenty culture houses and an official council policy that states that all residents should be able to reach a beach or park within 15 minutes on foot. Here are some fun options to spark your creativity and get you out enjoying the best of what's on offer.

Copenhagen Harbour Circle

Like biking or walking? Try the 13 km Copenhagen Harbour Circle, where you can use the recreational cycling and pedestrian path, while you enjoy the scenic blue harbour and the natural greenery of the city's south side. The route runs through 12 distinct areas of the city, and it lets you enjoy historic and architectural sights, too. 

Family Club 

Family Club is a popular initiative for international families who want to get to know their home-away-from-home better and make friends. The social and cultural events are run by several public libraries in Copenhagen, and the events take place in different places throughout the city. All events are free of charge and they vary from film screenings to potluck lunches and story time events – they are all about having fun and getting to know each other. Members of the library staff and volunteers are in charge of the Family Club. They are here at Facebook.


If you want to stay fit in Copenhagen, you can easily go for a jog. The whole city is flat and has routes through parks, along the harbor front with plenty of architectural landmarks along the way, at sandy beaches or even in the spacious UNESCO World Heritage Site-deer park just a short train ride north of the city. Or run by the Little Mermaid! Many Danes frequently run in the parks and circle the three famous man-made Lakes. There are lamplit running routes in both parks Fælledparken and Søndermarken.  

Repair Cafés - save your bike 

Trash or treasure? Repair Cafés are free meeting places and they’re all about repairing things (together). Bring broken things to a repair café and reuse them. Fix a broken lamp or your bike, repair the zipper in your favorite jacket, or give your old toys and appliances new life! Fixers are ready to help you, they have tools and tips to save repairable items. Find a local repair café in Copenhagen at Repaircafé Danmark

Know your 'bro – Digital walking tours 

Would you like to enjoy a walk in the sun while getting to know your new home a little better? The free digital walking tours at unfold the coolest neighbourhoods of Copenhagen through the world of Motes. Motes are local stories bound to specific places, revealing a new layer of your immediate surroundings. Each one locked until you get there.  

Go Green while kayaking through the Copenhagen canals

If you want to join the Copenhagen quest for sustainability, you can borrow a kayak for free for two hours in return for collecting trash on your trip through the canals and the harbour and sharing your experience on social media with #greenkayak. The kayak is designed for two adults and two children. The trash will be weighed at the end of the trip so you can share your result online. Find more about Green kayak.  

Hot stuff feels great  

You can enjoy saunagus in seven of Copenhagen’s indoor public swimming pools. The Copenhageners are crazy about this hot and steaming visit in a sauna, where a so-called sauna master leads the event with story telling, water, steam and a variety of scents based on 100% natural essential oils.  

A session lasts 60 minutes and costs around 35 kroner on top of the entrance ticket to the swimming pool. Remember to book online in advance

Painting sessions 

If you love colors and want to experiment with painting, meet up for a free weekly painting session at Kulturstationen in Vanløse. You can practice with a group of people. Please bring paint, brushes and canvas. An easel is ready to use for participants at the venue. No requirements to sign up in advance, you are welcome to drop by, however the number of participants is limited. Find the address.  

Refashion your old clothes in Valby Kulturhus

Tutors are ready to teach you how to fix and refashion our old clothes in order to make garments that you will love again, while being more independent and sustainable. You can use second hand textiles, old clothes, leftover fabrics, and experiment with upcycling and re-design. Make use your own stuff or find something from their collection. 


Copenhagen has 125 outdoor playgrounds, and 27 of those are staffed. ByOasen – Urban Oasis in English – is one of staffed playgrounds, and it serves old and young citizens. The more than 100-year old care center is surrounded by plenty of activities. Here children can pet hens, rabbits, goats, mice, and guinea pigs. A cheerful staff greets the visitors and cooks pancakes on bonfires, tells stories, plants vegetables, and plays ball. The huge greenhouse is open for everyone. 
Have a look at Facebook 

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