Change your married name

If you get married in Denmark, you can apply to change to your married name.

If you have a NemID, you can apply to change to your married name on (click "apply here" in the green box below). 

For your married name to appear on your marriage certificate on your wedding day, you should submit your application at least 15 days before the wedding.


It is free to change to your married name up to 3 months after the wedding. After that period, it will cost you an administrative fee of DKK 513 (2021). 

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Questions and answers

Changing your name when getting married abroad

It is not possible to change your name when get married abroad if you live in Denmark. The Public Registration Owhenffice (Folkeregisteret) in your municipality must first register the marriage and you must then contact the parish you live in. 

If you are a Danish citizen and live outside Denmark, you have to change your name in the country you live in. 

Passport, driver's licence and yellow health card

New yellow health card

A new yellow health card will be sent to you free of charge (if you apply to change to your married name within the first three months after the wedding) a few weeks after you changed to your married name.  

Important information about the yellow health card

Your name should be clearly displayed on your mailbox so that you can receive your new yellow health card by regular post. This usually takes 2-4 weeks and it is free of charge.  

If you do not receive the card after 4 weeks, contact a Citizen Service Center within 60 days. After 60 days you will pay an additional fee.

Passport and driving licence

You do not have to get a new passport or driver's licence when you change to your married name. They are valid until the date they expire.

However, you should make sure that the name on your passport corresponds with your name on a plane ticket.


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