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Jobseeking and unemployment

Read about how the situation is affecting job centres and cash benefits applications, among other services, in the City of Copenhagen.

Updated 23rd July at 10:30

Job Centre Copenhagen will be physically open again from Monday the 15th June

Job Centre Copenhagen opened for physical attendance on Monday the 15th June 2020. This means, that it is once again possible to come to the job centre for meetings and activation. If you have already been called-in for a meeting or activation, then please remember to check your summons whether it will be done by telephone, digitally or at the job centre

Remember to check your e-Boks

You will hear more about your summons for a meeting, so please remember to check your e-Boks continuously.

We will of course be adhering to the guidelines for good hygiene, so it will be safe to come to the job centre. The job centre will be cleaned frequently, and we will have a hand sanitizer available, and we will also make sure that there is room to keep a proper distance to others.

In order to get your benefits, you must apply for jobs, be available and participate in meetings at the job centre.