Earning paid holiday

You can earn the right to paid holiday in several ways:

  • While you are working.
  • While you receive unemployment benefits. However then you receive an special type of holiday unemployment. Read more about unemployment here.
  • While you study and receive SU. You are allowed to take your vacation during your years of studying. You can still receive SU.
  • Or if you have received other types of financial support (not social security benefits).

If you are self-employed, you are generally not entitled to holiday benefits.

If you have not earned paid holiday

If you go on holiday before you have qualified for holiday with cash benefits, you will not receive cash benefits during your holiday. Your holiday period will be offset against your cash benefits by the number of days that you are on holiday.

How do I get my holiday allowance?

Your employer deposits the money into

  • FerieKonto or
  • into a private holiday pay scheme.

FerieKonto (holiday account)

If your holiday allowance is paid into FerieKonto, you will be able to see it on lifeindenmark.dk. You need a NemID to be able to log in.

Private holiday allowance scheme

If you have received a holiday card from a private holiday pay scheme, the card must be signed by you and:

  • Your present employer, if you have a job.
  • Your unemployment insurance fund, if you are unemployed and a member of such fund, or if you receive early retirement benefits or complementary unemployment benefits.
  • Ydelsesservice København, if you receive cash benefits/sickness benefits and you are not a member of an unemployment fund. Please call at 82 56 40 00
  • Borgerservice (Copenhagen Citizen Service), if you are a student or a pensioner and you do not have a job.

Special rules for students receiving SU grants

If you do not have a student job, you are allowed to go on holiday while you study and receive your SU grants. This means that you do not have to take a break from your studies to receive your holiday allowance. If you have a job as a student, you must take a holiday from that job while you receive your holiday allowance.

Distribution of holiday allowance

You can have your holiday allowance one month before your vacation. The holiday allowance will be transferred to your EasyAccount 5 days after you have entered your holiday infomation.