Other Christian denominations

There are many large or small Christian religious communities and churches in Denmark and in Copenhagen. Here is an overview of the communities and churches that you can find besides folkekirken (the state church).


35,000 Catholics are registered in Denmark, but it is estimated that there are more than that. There are two Catholic churches in Copenhagen:

Sankt Annæ Kirke (Saint Anne's Church)
Dronning Elisabeths Allé 3
2300 Copenhagen S
English is spoken on many occasions.

Sankt Ansgars Kirke - Cathedral (Saint Ansgar's Church
Bredgade 64
1260 Copenhagen K
Ukrainian and Spanish are spoken on some occasions.   

You can get more information on the Catholic Church website.

The Orthodox Church

In Copenhagen, you will find the Orthodox Church here:

Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 1A, in the basement.
2100 Copenhagen Ø.

You can get more information in several languages at the Orthodox Church website.

The Reformed Church

There is a small community in the Reformed Church in Denmark. In Copenhagen, you will find the Reformed Church here:

Gothersgade 109 
1123 Copenhagen K 
Web: www.reformert.dk

Free Churches

There are a number of free churches in Denmark, where the members pay money to the free church, not to folkekirken. Examples are the Pentecostal Church, the Evangelical Association, the Baptist Church and the Methodist Church.

In addition, there are quite a few Jehovah's Witnesses in Denmark.  

International churches

There are a number of international Christian churches in Copenhagen. Many people meet in the international churches to speak with their fellow-countrymen and to speak their mother tongue.

On this list, you will find most of the international churches in Copenhagen, but check on the Internet if you want to find a church not listed here:

In  addition, there are several migrant communities in Copenhagen. You can find them at the migrant community website (mostly in Danish).

Other religions

Here you can read more about other religions than Christianity present in Denmark and Copenhagen.


Islam is the second-largest religion in Denmark and Copenhagen. It is estimated that about 230,000 Muslims live in Denmark. Of these, 21,000 are estimated to be members of one of the 22 approved Muslim communities.

The members are distributed among approx. 66 communities nationwide.

In June 2014, Copenhagen got its first large mosque. Apart from that, many other kinds of premises are used as mosques across Copenhagen and Denmark.
Address of the large mosque:

Vingelodden 1,
2400 Copenhagen N


The Jewish Community in Denmark is a religious community with approximately 2,400 members. There is an estimated number of 8,000 Jews in Denmark, of which most are living in Copenhagen and the immediate surroundings.

The Jewish Synagogue in Copenhagen is situated:

Krystalgade 12, 
1172 Copenhagen K
Web: www.mosaiske.dk


There are several Buddhist centres and events in Copenhagen. There are about 7,200 Buddhists in Denmark, distributed among 11 communities.


There are around 17,000 Hindus in Denmark, but many practise their faith in private. Hare Krishna has a number of followers and is sometimes active in the streets of Copenhagen. 


There are also other practitioners of several minor religions in Denmark, for example the Asa creed.