Lakes and other open waters

You can ice skate on lakes in Copenhagen, if they are frozen over, or in the areas that are turned into ice rinks in Copenhagen.

If you want to go ice skating on lakes and other waters, you must be very careful, and you must follow these strict rules:

  • If you see a blue sign by the lake, walking on the ice is permitted.
  • If you don't see a blue sign, on the other hand, entry is strictly prohibited.

Please note

Be aware. Even if walking on the ice is permitted, always use your common sense. The weather and the ice thickness may suddenly change.

When the temperature has been below zero for a number of days, the City of Copenhagen will measure the ice thickness on the city's lakes. If the ice is sufficiently thick, approx. 16-18 centimetres, access may be granted.

The City of Copenhagen have tightened ice thickness requirements because Copenhageners use the frozen lakes frequently and because investigations following an accident a few years ago have shown that this thickness is sufficient.

However, the thickness is only sufficient for ordinary use, such as ice skating and walking.

Danger may still occur if, for instance, many people are gathered in a small place jumping or dancing.

Many lakes are never open for traffic because experience has shown that they are never safe enough. Traffic on the ice in the port or along the coast is prohibited at all times.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions about the ice and the access on lakes and other open waters, contact the City of Copenhagen on phone: +45 33 66 33 66.

Here you can get an overview of places, where it's never permittet to walk on the ice. The site is in Danish, but you can press the area of Copenhagen where you want to know, if the ice is safe, and look up the name of the lake.

Ice skating rink at Frederiksberg

There is also a free ice skating area at Frederiksberg Runddel, 2000 Frederiksberg, which is looked after by The City of Frederiksberg.

The ice skating rink opens on the last Saturday of November, and here you can also rent ice skates.

Indoor ice skating rinks

You can ice skate all year round in the indoor ice skating rinks in Copenhagen. However, you have to pay an entrance fee to visit them.

You can find the indoor ice skating rinks on the Internet.

Østre Skøjtehal

The City of Copenhagen has an indoor skating rink at Østerbro.

It is open for everybody a couple of hours around noon every day from october to march. The price for entrance is 35 for adults.

Visit Østre Skøjtehal's website for more information (in Danish).