First doctor's check-up

The doctor (GP) carries out the first check-up at the ninth week of pregnancy. The doctor creates a health booklet that contains all relevant medical information about the mother and baby, as well as another booklet for communication with the midwife and health visitor.

Information, taking of samples and counselling related to prenatal examinations are all provided free of charge to pregnant women. During this check-up you will also talk about which hospital you belong to and where you want to give birth.

Ultrasound Scans

The first ultrasound scan can be carried out by a nurse, doctor or a midwife between the 11th and 14th week of pregnancy. A second scan is provided between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. These scans check for Down Syndrome, severe deformities, and severe congenital diseases. Most of the consultations before the birth take place with a midwife individually or in groups. After the baby is born, a health visitor (sundhedsplejerske) takes over.

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The birth

Although most women give birth in public hospitals, it is also possible to give birth at home if there are no signs of complications. Read more about where to give birth here

In the last ten years the number of women who choose to give birth in water has increased. Mothers-to-be can find out from the midwife if the hospital has a birthing pool.

After giving birth

After birth, the length of time you will stay at the hospital varies, depending on the hospital and on each situation. Normally you and your baby will stay in the delivery room (fødegangen) for about 2 to 3 hours.

After that you will be moved to a room on the maternity ward (barselsgangen), where the mother can receive help in looking after the baby and get advice on breast feeding and care of the newborn. The father is allowed to stay the night at the maternity hotels.

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Post Natal Care

After you leave the hospital, a health visitor makes home visits several times during the first year in order to ensure that mother and baby are well, to monitor baby's health and to offer advice. The health visitor can also advise on local mother’s groups.

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The first visit from the health visitor takes place a week after the birth; dates for subsequent visits are agreed between the health visitor and the parents, and they usually take place every 3 months to monitor the child's development.