Visible parking disc

Your parking disc should be visible at all times. Set the pointer to indicate the time of arrival.

Parking in reserved parking spots

Many places in Copenhagen parking spots are reserved for various user groups. For example electric cars, motorcycles and disabled parking spots. Be aware of signs and markings on the ground that will tell you if you are allowed to park.

Parking in front of a driveway

It is illegal to park in front of any kind of driveway where both cars or bikes have to enter or access. 

10 meter rule at intersections

You have to park at least 10 meters away from the corners or edges of an intersection.

Often there are no marks so you have to measure the 10 meters yourself.

Parking at bike lanes

It is illegal to park on a bike lane.

Some places in Copenhagen there are parking spots next to the bike lanes. Be aware of cyclist when you open your car door. 

Parking at a pedestrian crossing

It is illegal to park fully or partially on a pedestrian crossing or within 5 meters before it in the traffic direction.

Double white lines

Park or stop at least 5 meters from the beginning of double white lines dividing the road into lanes. 

Do not park or stop next to a double white line, if the car is less than 3 meters from it.