Rooms (Værelse) and apartments (Lejlighed)

An apartment refers to an individual housing unit that is part of a building. It can be bought as an owner-occupied home (ejerbolig) or a housing cooperative (andelsbolig).

An rented apartment is called "lejebolig" in Danish. 

A single room in a house or an apartment can be rented out as part of a flatshare. When you rent a single room, you usually share common spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom with others. This is usually the most affordable way to rent a place in Copenhagen.

Housing portals and websites

You can search for rooms and apartments for rent using the following links:

Owner-occupied home (Ejerbolig)

Having an "ejerbolig" means that you own the property once you have paid off the mortgage. You also have the right to rent it out. An owner-occupied home can also refer to a detached or semi-detached house. 

Cooperative housing (Andelsbolig)

When you choose a cooperative housing unit, you pay for a share of the property and make a monthly payment to the cooperative housing association. The monthly payment is used to pay off the loan and maintenance costs of the property. 

Single-family house (Villa)

A villa is a single house which is not attached to other structures and it usually comes with a private garden.  

Terraced houses (Rækkehus)

A terraced house is joined together by the side walls to a row of similar houses. 

Housing associations (flexible renting)

You may be able to get an apartment faster (from 3 months and up) if you meet the conditions for flexible rental – (“fleksibel udlejning” in Danish).

In order to be eligible for flexible rental, you have to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You can document that you or a person in your household have a permanent job (min. 25 hours a week)
  • You are a young student admitted to an SU eligible education OR you are a student or apprentice, and you are part of a training agreement or have a valid apprenticeship contract.
  • You are a senior (62 years+) and want to move to a home that is more suitable for the elderly. 
  • You are divorced or no longer live with your boyfriend/girlfriend. In that case, it is a condition that you lived within the City of Copenhagen before your divorce/separation. 

Housing associations that offer flexible rental