Public housing options

Housing associations (Flexibel rentals)

You can sign up for an apartment in a housing association, but the waiting list is often long and it can take several years to get an offer.

However, you might get an apartment faster (from 3 months and up) if you meet the conditions in flexible rental – (“fleksibel udlejning” in Danish).

In order to be eligible for flexible rental, you have to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You can document that you, or a person in your household, have a permanent job (min. 25 hours a week)

  • You are a young student admitted to an SU eligible education OR you are a student or apprentice, and you are part of a training agreement or have a valid apprenticeship contract.

  • You are a senior (62 years+), and want to move to a home that is more suitable for a life as an elderly. 

  • You are divorced, or no longer live with your boyfriend/girlfriend. In that case, it is a condition that you lived within the City of Copenhagen before your divorce / separation /etc. 

Several housing associations that offer flexible rental are the following:

• Boligforening 3B

• Boligkontoret Danmark




• Domea

• Lejerbo

• Vibo

• Danmark Bolig