Information meeting

Friday 9.30-12.30

  • Leisure Guide
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship/starting up your own business (only for residents in Copenhagen)
  • Recognition of international qualifications
  • Career and Cultural hosts
  • Information about internship and salary subsidy

Job search course

Monday-Friday 9:30-12:30

  • Monday: Job Searching in Denmark, CV and workshop
  • Tuesday: Cover Letter and workshop, Elevator Pitch workshop
  • Wednesday: LinkedIn, Presentation (Phone call) workshop  
  • Thursday: Danish Business Culture, Job interview
  • Friday: Mock Interview workshop

Who can participate? (important)

You can apply if you:

  • Have a valid residence permit
  • Holds a bachelors degree or higher
  • Accompanying spouses in the Greater Copenhagen
  • Are financially independent

Please notice

Due to the high demand for the course, it is very important that you cancel if you cannot attend.