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Some of the following websites are only in Danish but may still be helpful. If you need to pay a fee, please always check what you are paying for:

Student accommodation

Please ask your international office for help. They can offer you different types of accommodation in student halls or shared flats:

University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation
CBS Accommodation
DTU Accommodation
KEA Housing
International Accommodation Office AAU Copenhagen

If they are unable to help, you can apply for a room or a small flat in a student residence:

Visit KKIK and sign up for the waiting list – it is free of charge
You should consider applying for accommodation 3 months before your studies begin. KKIK has a point system, which means that everyone gets points based on their individual situation. Students with the highest score receive accommodation offers first. There are 18 student residences in the Copenhagen area.

Privately owned student halls with independent administration:

Borchs Kollegium, Copenhagen City 
Egmont H. Petersens Kollegium, Østerbro 
Elers Kollegium, Copenhagen City
Herlev Kollegiet
Hjortespringkollegiet, Herlev
Håndværkerkollegiet, Copenhagen NV
Kvinderegensen , Amager
Nordisk Kollegium, Østerbro
Studentergården in Nørrebro
Vartovkollegiet, Copenhagen City
Regensen, Copenhagen City

A place to stay on arrival

These offers are only for short-term purposes, and please note that it is not possible to apply for a CPR number when you are staying in a hostel or the like:


Public housing options

Housing associations (Flexibel rentals)

You can sign up for an apartment in a housing association, but the waiting list is often long and it can take several years to get an offer.

However, you might get an apartment faster (from 3 months and up) if you meet the conditions in flexible rental – (“fleksibel udlejning” in Danish).

In order to be eligible for flexible rental, you have to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You can document that you, or a person in your household, have a permanent job (min. 25 hours a week)
  • You are a young student admitted to an SU eligible education OR you are a student or apprentice, and you are part of a training agreement or have a valid apprenticeship contract.
  • You are a senior (62 years+), and want to move to a home that is more suitable for a life as an elderly. 
  • You are divorced, or no longer live with your boyfriend/girlfriend. In that case, it is a condition that you lived within the City of Copenhagen before your divorce / separation /etc. 

Several housing associations that offer flexible rental are the following: