Indoor swimming pools

There are several indoor swimming pools in Copenhagen for adults and children. You have the option to buy admission tickets online. 

Read more about the opening hours, facilities, entry fee and location of indoor swimming pools in Copenhagen (in Danish)

Outdoor swimming pools

Bellahøj Friluftsbad is a popular summer bath especially for families. The bath is located near Bellahøj swimming stadium. 

Bavnehøj Friluftsbad have pools for both children and adults. The pool is open to the public in the summer season and is free of charge. 

Find out more about the opening hours, facilities and location of outdoor swimming pools (in Danish)

Harbour baths

The 3 harbour baths at Fisketorvet, Islands Brygge and Sluseholmen have pools for both kids and adults. The baths are free of charge and they are open during summer.

Find out more about the opening hours, facilities and location of all three harbour baths (in Danish)

Bathing zones

There are six official bathing zones – at Halfdansgade, Halvandet, Havnevigen, Sandkaj, Søndre Refshalebassin and Kalvebod Bølge.

The zones are:

  • restricted areas where bathing is permitted day and night.
  • marked with floodlights, buoys, rescue equipment and a Bathing Allowed-sign.
  • not overseen by lifeguards so please be adviced that swimming is at your own risk.

The quality of the bathing water is checked day and night – check the quality here.

Find the bathing zones here



Amager Strandpark (Amager beach park) is the largest beach in Copenhagen. Here you can find a long beach and many different activities. 

At Svanemøllestranden (The Svanemølle beach), people bathe from a 130-meter-long pier.

Amager Helgoland is a bath house, which is located at the Northern end of Amager Beach. It is open during the summer, but also open for winter swimmers during the winter. Helgoland is divided into a mixed area where swimwear is compulsory, and women- and men-only areas where it is not. Free of charge.

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