Street vending

You need a permit from the City of Copenhagen if you want to sell anything on the streets of Copenhagen. Find more information about the different permits here.

Apply for permission for mobile street vending 

Apply for a licences for a permanent market stall

Apply for a permit for providing a bike taxi service

Cafés, restaurants and outdoor areas

As a trader in Copenhagen, you have the option, where traffic permits, to use the public area in front of your restaurant, cafe or shop for outside seating, advertising boards or product displays. However, you must first obtain a licence from the City of Copenhagen.

How do I apply for a licence to have outside seating, advertising boards and product displays?

Events, filming and street performance

Events and performances are welcome in the streets and squares of Copenhagen. You can use parks, roads and squares for free as long as you follow a set of rules and remember to get permission.

Events, filming and street performance

Managing waste as a business

When you own a business, you are responsible for ensuring that its waste is sorted and disposed of in compliance with existing legislation and regulations.

Recyclable and residual waste

Some business waste is recyclable and must be sorted out and disposed of as such. The utilisation of recycled waste saves resources and thus is environmentally friendly. When the recyclable waste has been sorted out the residual waste must also be disposed of correctly. 

Read more about handling recyclable and residual business waste (in Danish).

For further information on business waste management, contact the Soil and Waste department at Copenhagen Municipality at


Parking license and commercial driver's license

If you run a business, and you need to park in Copenhagen, you can get a commercial parking license. You get the permit from Borgerservice (Copenhagen Citizen Service).

Here you can also read about getting a commercial driver's license.

How do I get a commercial parking license?

Can I get a commercial driver's license?