Outdoor activities in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has many outdoor activities to offer, from ice skating rinks in the winter to places where you can go swimming in the summer.

Copenhagen has many parks and green areas in the centre, which the Copenhageners enjoy, especially in the summertime. You can read more about Copenhagen's outdoor activities here.

Parks and green areas

Where can I swim in Copenhagen?

Where can I ice skate in the winter time?

Can I camp around Copenhagen? 

Cultural activities in Copenhagen

You can read more about cultural activities in Copenhagen for you and your kids here. Copenhagen offers plenty of activities and also free activities.

Local culture houses in Copenhagen

Folkekøkkener (public kitchens)

Talk clubs and other ways to practice Danish

Are there free cultural options for kids?

Museums in Copenhagen

Libraries in Copenhagen

As a resident in Copenhagen you have a choice of 22 different libraries: the main library and 19 branch libraries plus 2 specialised libraries located throughout the city. The libraries' services are free of charge.

Is it free to borrow books and use the libraries?

How do I borrow books at the library?

Are there books in my native language?

Which activities are taking place at the libraries?

How do I get access to the libraries?

Where do I find the libraries?

Playing sports in Copenhagen

There are alot of possibilities of participating in different indoor and outdoor sports. You can also find a great deal of training facilities around Copenhagen. 

Which sports can I do in Copenhagen?

Where can my child play sports outside school?

Are physical education classes mandatory in our municipal schools?


In Copenhagen you can participate many networking activities and become a part of volunteer networks. Here you can read about where you can volunteer and how you can create a network in Copenhagen.

Where can I volunteer in Copenhagen?

How can I meet Danes?

How do I get in contact with other International citizens?

How do I meet other spouses in Copenhagen?

What is Copenhagen Host Program?

What does Copenhagen Cultural Network do?