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A change in the Danish Marriage Law and Aliens Act has taken effect on the 1st of January 2019.

The change means that some applications for marriage will be processed by a central national unit run by the Agency of Family Law.

Couples who must send their applications to the central national unit are couples where one or both parties:

  • are not Danish or Nordic citizens
  • do not have unlimited residence permit in Denmark
  • have not obtained a permanent residence right for Denmark according to EU-Law.

You can read more, and apply at the Agency of Family Law using this link.

The City of Copenhagen will still be performing wedding ceremonies.

You must send your application to the municipality in Denmark where you are registered (bopælskommune) if both of you meet the following criteria:

  • You are Danish or Nordic citizens
  • You have a permanent residence permit for Denmark
  • You have obtained right for permanent residency in Denmark according to EU-Law.

You can read more about this on the website of the Agency of Family Law.

You can read more under "Documentation Requirements" below.

Documentation requirements

If you are both registered as residents in Denmark, and have NemID, you must fill in and send the notice of marriage form digitally.

Important: Read "Where to Apply" above, before sending your application.

With the application you must send the following documentation:

  • Scan of your passport or national ID card if you are not a Danish citizen born in Denmark
  • Scan of permanent residence permit, or proof of right to permanent residency in Denmark according to the EU-rules, if you are not a Danish or Nordic citizen
  • If you have lived in another country than Denmark within recent years, we might ask for a certificate of marital status from your previous countries of residence

If a document is issued in another language than English, German or Danish, or is not issued by a Nordic country, it must be submitted in two versions: the original, and a translation into either English, German or Danish. The translation must be done by a certified translator.

If you are a citizen in a Nordic country you must submit the following


  • Hindersprövning
  • Personbevis
  • Intyg om vigsel

The documents are issued by Skatteverket, and must be no older than four months when you send them to us.


  • Prøvingsattest
  • Scan of the picture page of your valid passport

The prøvingsattest is issued by Folkeregisteret, and must be no older than four months when you send it to us.

Iceland and Finland

  • Prøvelsesattest
  • Scan of the picture page of your valid passport

The prøvelsesattest must be no older than four months when you send it to us.


  • Filled in notice of marriage form

Faroe Islands

  • Filled in notice of marriage form
  • Scan of the picture page of your valid passport

Important information

Please Note

  • Wedding ceremonies can be performed in English, German or Danish
  • We cannot guarantee that you will get married on the day you initially wish for, so please do not book travelling tickets until your wedding date has been confirmed by the Wedding Office
  • Copenhagen City Hall will provide two witnesses but you are welcome to bring your own. You do not have to inform us about this until immediately before the wedding ceremony
  • Same sex marriages might not be recognised in other countries
  • If you need to have your marriage certificate legalised, you can find information here
  • You can only change your name if you are registered as a resident in Denmark
  • If you have been married abroad you can register your marriage in Denmark. You must contact Folkeregisteret (the public registration office) and show them your marriage certificate. You can read more and find contact information for Folkeregisteret here (in Danish).

Contact us

The Wedding Office can be contacted via e-mail

If you have NemID you can write a secure mail via this link.

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Phone number (+45) 33 66 33 66

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