Associations and evening classes

Clubs, associations and evening classes are a good way of meeting people.

Many Danes are involved in sports clubs, cultural institutions, and associations. It is a way for Danes to practice their hobbies.

Becoming and being a member of an association is usually not expensive, as they are mostly run by volunteers.

Learn more about evening classes here.

DGI (Danske Gynmatisk og idrætsforeninger) is the head association of more than 6000 local associations and clubs. On the website you can find information about activities, events and associations within different sports.

Public libraries

Public libraries are free of charge and could be a place to meet new people.

Public libraries provide free access for everyone to all kinds of media including books, newspapers, magazines, music, film, audio books and other online resources.

Learn more about the libraries here. 

Culture houses

A Danish Culture House can be compared to at community/culture center available to the local citizens.

The Culture House is a good place to meet your neighbour and get new experiences.

Find more information in the Leisure Guide in a pdf below.

Leisure centers

There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities in Copenhagen. Most of the facilities are open for everyone, so you can go there alone or bring your family, friends or colleagues.

Learn more about which sports you can play in Copenhagen here

Public kitchens (folkekøkken)

Folkekøkkener - or public kitchens - are becoming popular in Copenhagen and more and more culture houses are offering communal dining.

See a list of public kitchens in Copenhagen

Chitchat association and bookclubs

Some libraries (Nørrebro Bibliotek, Husum Bibliotek, and Solvang Bibliotek amongst others)  have a so called chitchat association (‘snakkeklub’), where foreigners can practice everyday conversations in Danish.

Read more about the associations here. Some libraries also arrange bookclubs where you can discuss literature with other foreign citizens.

Leisure guiding

International House offers free personal guidance to culture and leisure activities once a week.

You are always welcome to contact International House Copenhagen if you need advice to find the right activities for you.

Copenhagen Host Program

Copenhagen Host Program matches newcomers with local volunteers. Meeting with a local host can help you get a good start in Copenhagen, and you can choose between a Culture Host and a Career Host depending on your needs.

All international citizens who have been in Denmark for less than 3 years and are living in Copenhagen are welcome to join in.