Finding a place to live in Copenhagen

Finding a place to live in Copenhagen can be hard. The areas vary in terms of housing, atmosphere and cost. Here you can find an overview of the areas in Copenhagen and get inspiration on how to find a place to live.

Renting a home in Copenhagen

Where do I find accommodation?

What are the typical housing costs?

Buying a home

Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen

Owning property

When you own property in Copenhagen there are some rules you need to know about. You can read about them here.

What are the rules for snow clearing?

How do I order a house owner's certificate?

Are there exceptional benefits for high housing costs?

Managing waste

In the City of Copenhagen household waste is either recycled or used for energy production. As a citizen in Copenhagen you are obliged to sort your waste, so we can use it and recycle it in the best way. 

How to handle your household waste?

Water, gas, heating and electricity

It can be quite complicated to find out how to get water, gas, heating and electricity supplied to your home and how to pay for these utilities. You can pay for your consumption in different ways. Some people pay for some or all of their consumption in their rent, while others pay all or most of their consumption costs directly to the suppliers. In Denmark you pay your consumption in advance either monthly or quarterly for estimated use, and match this against your actual use once a year.

If you have used more than estimated, you will have to pay the difference, and if you have used less, you will receive money back. If you are renting your home then you need to talk to your landlord to find out how to pay for your consumption. You can read more here.

How do I pay for electricity and gas?

How do I get water and heating supplied to my home?

Getting online in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, you can access comprehensive mobile internet (4G) with a mobile phone. You can also purchase a broadband connection for your home. If you rent a property, you can usually use your landlord’s internet and pay for it in your rent.

Get internet access

Become mobile

What is a “medielicens”?

Moving within Copenhagen

When you move from one place to another in Copenhagen, it is important that you remember to register your change of address. Here you can find answers to more questions about moving within Copenhagen.

How do I register my change of address?

How do I deregister a person from my address?

Do I have to change my doctor when moving?

Is Frederiksberg part of the City of Copenhagen?

How do I avoid disclosure of my address?