Understanding the Danish Health Care System

The quality of the Danish healthcare system is high, and you are well covered if you visit Copenhagen or if you live and work in the city. Read more about the healthcare provision here.

How do I get healthcare in Denmark? 

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Card - also called the yellow card - is a proof that you are part of the Danish health insurance. This means that you do not have to pay for doctor or hospital treatment. You only pay for part of your medicine.

How do I order a Health Insurance Card (the yellow card)?

How do I get a blue Health Insurance Card?

Your health insurance determines what type of treatment and which subsidies you are entitled to.

How do I change my health insurance group?

Can I get social security, when I am stationed abroad?

Can I go to the doctor without a Health Insurance Card?

Getting a doctor in Copenhagen

In case of emergencies

Going to the dentist

Assistive devises

An assistive device could be for example a wig, a prosthesis, a walker or a wheel chair. Learn more about what types of devises there are and how you apply for them.

Who can get assistive devices?

How do I apply for assistive devices?

How do I apply for assistive devices for a family member?

Nursing homes

If you are over 65 years old and a citizen in Copenhagen you can apply for a room in a nursing home. The Health and Care Administration runs a number of Council nursing homes and centres and has operating agreements with a large number of independent nursing homes.

How do I apply for a room in a nursing home for a family member?

What is the cost of a room in a nursing home in Copenhagen?

Home care services

If you have difficulties managing various home tasks you can apply for home care service. Learn more about who can get help and how to apply here.

How do I apply for home care service?

Who can get health visitors?


The City of Copenhagen can help if you or your child have a permanent physical or mental disability.

The starting point for information for citizens with disabilities and impairments is the website of the Citizen Centre for People with Disabilities. The content is mostly in Danish, but you can find out all about the Citizen Centre and the support that it offers.

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How do I apply for handicap transportation?

How do I get a parking licence for the disabled?