What is your situation?

I do not have a CPR number

If you do not have a CPR number (social security number) you have not been registered in the Central Person Register. When you apply for a CPR number a yellow health card will be ordered for you, when your application has been accepted.

> Apply for a CPR number on ihcph.kk.dk

I have a CPR number

I am waiting for my health insurance card to arrive

If you have received your CPR number in International House the yellow health card is on its way to you.

  • Make sure your name is on the mailbox
  • It may take up to 4 weeks for it to arrive

I have lost my health card or it is broken

If you have lost your card you can order a new card online. For that you need a NemID.

> Apply for a new card (in Danish)

If you do not have a NemID, you can make an appointment with Citizen Service and order a new health card in person. You need to bring your CPR number and passport.

A new card costs a fee of DKK 200. You can pay with Dankort or Visa.

Information on the card should be changed

If you register a change of your address or your name, you will get a new card automatically.

> Register a change of address (Free)

> Change name when getting married (Fee of DKK 200)

> Change to a new doctor (Fee of DKK 200)

I have previously been registered with a CPR number

If you have been living in Denmark before and was registered with a CPR number, you need to re-enter before you can use your CPR number. You can register your re-entry in the online CPR registration system.

When your application has been processed, you will recieve an email with an invitation to the International House where you must appear in person to finalize the application. When your application is finally accepted, we will reactive your CPR number and your new health card will be send to you.

> Re-enter and apply for your CPR number on ihcph.kk.dk   

I am a cross border commuter

Special Health Insurance Card for cross-border commuter

Medical care is free if you are a cross-border commuter and you have a special Health Insurance Card.

> Read more about the special Health Insurance Card at lifeindenmark.dk