The wedding ceremony

If you get married in Copenhagen, the wedding ceremony usually takes place at the beautiful and historical Copenhagen City Hall. The wedding ceremony is handled by the municipality of Copenhagen. 

Go to for more information on open air weddings and the possibility of booking a registrar

Important things to note

  • We cannot guarantee that you will get married on the day you choose. You should only book your trip to Copenhagen when your wedding date has been confirmed by the Wedding Office
  • Same sex marriages might not be recognised in other countries
  • If you need to have your marriage certificate legalised with an apostille, find information here
  • You can only change to your married name if you are registered as a resident in Denmark
  • If you have been married abroad, you can register your marriage in Denmark. You must contact Folkeregisteret (the public registration office) and show them your marriage certificate. Read more and find contact information for Folkeregisteret here (in Danish).

If you need a new marriage certificate

If you were married in the municipality of Copenhagen and have lost your marriage certificate, you can request for a new marriage certificate by contacting the Wedding Office.

You should send an e-mail to and provide the following information:

  • Your names on the day of the wedding
  • Your CPR numbers or dates of birth
  • The year and date of your wedding
  • Whether you would like a Danish or international version (issued in English, German, French and Spanish)
  • The address to which you would like the certificate to be sent


This service is free of charge. If you were married in a different municipality, you should contact the relevant authorities there.

Response time

You can expect a response time of three to four weeks.