Cph Volunteers

If you want to volunteer in different events in Copenhagen like the Jazz Festival, VM in bike racing or smaller local events, you can join the Cph Volunteers team. Cph Volunteers is a volunteer team for the whole of Copenhagen and consists of about 2000 people. The members are both Danish and international citizens, women and men, young and old. Member benefits include access to courses, education and fun member events, such as dinner parties and city walks.


Volunteer in a cultural centre

It is possible to help out in one of the many active cultural centres in the city where there are a large number of concerts, festivals, workshops, sports activities, etc. all year round. For instance, the cultural centre, Osramhuset, in Nørrebro and the sports hall Nørrebrohallen provide voluntary jobs within culture and sports. There are also good possibilities of finding a volunteer job at Valby Kulturhus. The cultural centre, Huset-KBH, in the centre of Copenhagen is also a great place for volunteers. Here you can meet other Danish and international volunteers, and at the same time get a professional experience in various fields. The youth culture centre, Kraftwerket, does also offer volunteer work, and there are many Danish and international volunteers at the student café, Studenterhuset, in the Inner City

Organisations where you can volunteer