What is the Red and the Blue Zone?

Red Zone covers most of the Inner City and Langelinie, the Blue Zone covers the rest of the city.

Red Zone map

Where can I pick up customers?

It is permitted to pick up customers who have booked a taxi to a specific address in the entire city, regardless of your permit. You are also allowed to pick up customers from the sidewalk while en route, if this is possible as regard to general traffic.

Parking your bicycle and waiting to pick up customers does require a license from the City of Copenhagen.

In the Red Zone and Langelinie, you are only allowed to park and pick up customers from the spots assigned by the City of Copenhagen, and only if you have a permit for the Red Zone.

In the Blue Zone, you can to pick up customers from any public sidewalk, if your parking does not influence the general traffic and activities in the area.

You are under no circumstances allowed to pick up customers from the bicycle lane or from the road.
Furthermore, you are not allowed to pick up customers in a situation that:

  • Forces pedestrians onto the bicycle lane or road.
  • Blocks the general traffic area or prevents entrance to shops, restaurants, doorways, shop windows and more.
  • Blocks the availability and walking lanes for the visually impaired

You must always drive in accordance with the traffic rules. This includes, that you are not allowed to drive your bicycle on pedestrian streets and sidewalks.

Also note that many parking lots and parks are privately owned. This means that you must obtain a permit from the owner, if you wish to park your bicycle at one of these spots. 

What bicycle can I use and how must I conduct myself?

What bicycle can I use?

The bicycle taxi must be equipped with seating for all passengers. Besides the driver, the bicycle is allowed to seat two adults and two kids younger than 8.

The municipality does not allow engines of any kind on the bicycle.

You are responsible for ensuring that your bicycle is legal, suitable for passengers and that it appears maintained, safe and clean at all times.

Your permit must be placed visibly on your bicycle.

How must I conduct myself?

You are not allowed to play music from the bicycle.

You are also not allowed to yell unto customers from the bicycle.

For how long is the application valid and when can I apply?

All bicycle taxi permits are equipped with a year of validity (e.g. 2019) and expire the 31st of December that very year.

You can apply for a permit for the Blue Zone throughout the year.

Announcement of permits for the spots in Red Zone and Langelinie
The spots in the Red Zone and Langelinie will be announced during the fall.

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What else do you have to beware of?

The business made as regard to bicycle taxis must always follow the current legislation. You are responsible for getting familiar with these rules, as well as any additional permits or insurances needed.

Withdrawal of permits
The City of Copenhagen can withdraw a permit or part of a permit as well as change the conditions of a permit, if necessary as regard to the use of roads or public areas.

The City of Copenhagen can withdraw a permit, if it is ascertained that a driver does not comply with the demands set forward.

Why do I need a permit?

You must always obtain a permit if you wish to place something on a public area, be it a bicycle taxi or a fairish wheel. This is a demand from the Danish Road Directorate as regard to §80 of the Danish Road Act.