The City of Copenhagen offers different dental care packages depending on the age of your child.


The City of Copenhagen’s dental clinic for children contacts your child automatically for an examination – usually when the child is 1 year old. Hereafter, the child is examined as required.

Children and young people

If you have children that go to school, they usually go to a dental clinic located at the school or nearby. Parents are welcome to come along. Young people who have left school will automatically be called in for examination and treatment until they turn 18.

Examination and treatment is carried out in accordance with each child’s individual needs. This means that most children will be called in for an examination and treatment every 12-24 months, while some children will be called in more often.

Young people at the age of 16 to 17 can choose to get their dental treatment at a privately owned clinic instead of at the appointed clinic. Contact your child’s current clinic or the office for Børne- og Ungdomstandplejen for an agreement.


Children and young people with tooth misalignments causing damage to their teeth or resulting in poor chewing functions are offered to have their teeth straightened – however, not if the problem is only cosmetic.

If your child is disabled

If you have a disabled child living at home, he/she is entitled to treatment at a clinic with specially trained personnel. The child may continue in the scheme also after he/she has turned 18.