Copenhagen Career Program

A 1-day information meeting for accompanying spouses, who are living in the Capital Region and Roskilde and who are financially independent.

You will get information about measures promoting employment, entrepreneurship guidance, leisure guiding, unions and unemployment funds, how to get your foreign qualifications assessed, volunteer opportunities and more.

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First Job Copenhagen

A 5-day career course for highly educated internationals who are financially independent and reside in Copenhagen.

You will learn more about how to search for a job in Copenhagen. More specifically, you will learn how to write a CV and an application, Danish business culture, communication across cultures, Social Media, networking and career planning. You will start the course with an information meeting end with a job interview workshop.

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Greater Copenhagen Career Program

A 6-month program for international students who are currently studying or have graduated within the last six months. You must live in the Greater Copenhagen area to participate.

The program will teach you how to structure your CV, application and LinkedIn profile, how to use job portals, how to present yourself professionally, how to network and more.

Furthermore, you will get a personal career mentor and participate in matchmaking activities with companies.

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Copenhagen Host Program

A program for internationals who have been in Denmark for less than 5 years and live in the City of Copenhagen.

You can be matched with either a Career Host or a Culture Host based on your professional background or common interests. The Career Host can introduce you to the educational system or the job market in Denmark, while the Culture Host can introduce you to Copenhagen’s cultural life and local community.

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