When can I receive my Danish driving licence?

Before your foreign driving licence can be exchanged for a Danish one, Citizen Service will send your application to the police to check the authenticity of your licence.

Although it can take up to 6 months to get the approved application from the police, you can get a temporary driving licence from Borgerservice. Citizen Service (Borgerservice) can provide you with a temporary driving licence while you wait for your Danish driving licence. However, your foreign driving licence must be valid and you must not have lived in Denmark for more than 90 days when you apply for it.

During this period, you are required to pass both theoretical and practical examination.

If you have lived in Denmark for more than 90 days, you are not eligible for a temporary driving licence.


Where can I use my Danish driving licence?

Your Danish driving licence can be used in all EU countries.

What happens to my original licence when I exchange it for a Danish driving licence?

If your driving licence is issued within the EU/EØS, it will be sent to the country that issued it when you receive your Danish licence.

If you exchange your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence, it will be held by Rigspolitiet (the National Police).

If you wish to return to the country in which your licence was issued, your licence can be returned to you.

You must go to Borgerservice Indre By (Citizen Service Inner City) in person to get your foreign licence back. Remember to bring your Danish driving licence.

Citizen Service Nyropsgade
Nyropsgade 7
1602 Copenhagen V

It is not possible to have both a Danish driving licence and a foreign driving licence at the same time.