Citizenship by birth

If the parents are married, and either the mother or the father is Danish, the child is automatically a Danish citizen by birth no matter where the child is born.

If the parents are unmarried, the child automatically acquires Danish citizenship if the mother is Danish. If only the father is Danish, the child automatically acquires Danish citizenship only if it is born in Denmark on 1 February 1999 or later.

Citizenship by marriage after birth

A child, who has not acquired Danish citizenship by birth, can later acquire citizenship. If the child for example is born outside Denmark, and only the father is Danish, the child can get Danish citizenship if the parents marry before the child’s 18th birthday.

Citizenship by adoption

Adopted children under the age of 12 automatically acquire Danish citizenship if they are adopted by either one Danish citizen or a married couple where at least one of the parties is Danish.

Adopted children above the age of 12 can only acquire Danish citizenship by application. This can first take place when the child has been living in Denmark for at least two years.

Apply for citizenship (naturalisation)

If you cannot get Danish citizenship in any of the above ways, it is possible to get Danish citizenship by application. This means that you by law can get Danish citizenship. There are a number of requirements you must meet to get citizenship in this way For example you have to pass a test with questions about the Danish society (The Danish Citizenship Exam ). 

Citizenship by declaration

You can apply for citizenship by declaration if you:

  • Are a citizen of either Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, or
  • Are born as a Danish citizen but have lost the citizenship (recovery ) 


  • Have not got a criminal record and have not be charged with any offence 
  • Are between the age of 18 and 23 
  • Have lived in Denmark for a number of years

Citizenship test

One of the requirements to obtain Danish citizenship is to pass a test. The test is held in June and December. On June 15, 2013, a new citizenship test started in place of the former naturalization test. Have you passed the naturalization test between May 2007 and December 2013, do not also pass the new citizenship test. The new citizenship test was first held June11, 2014.

You can apply for a Danish citizenship through an application form on the New in Denmark website. You need to log in with NemID to complete the application.