The playgrounds of Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers 125 public playgrounds. The playgrounds around Copenhagen have different themes and sizes. You can find playgrounds with an art theme, electronic theme, nature playgrounds etc.

You can for instance visit ‘Tårnlegepladsen’ in Fælledparken, which is an interactive and architecturally beautiful playground and ‘Trafiklegepladsen’, which is a playground in Fælledparken with a traffic theme. 

Naturcenter Vestamager (Nature center West Amager) is a large green out side area, where your children can spend an entire day with children activities. See more about the different playgrounds at the map below.

Libraries and culture houses

You and your family can visit 20 libraries in Copenhagen for free. Here you can borrow Danish as well as international books, e-books, audio books, magazines, newspapers, recordings, music, films, and games.

The libraries also arrange different activities for children. For instance at Børnekulturhus Ama’r (Children’s culture house Amager), Zone 2 in Valby, Pilegården in Brønshøj, Børnekulturhuset Sokkelundlille (children’s culture house Sokkelundlille) in Copenhagen NV.  

Here you can find activities based on dancing, singing, and rhythmical activities. Most of these are free. 

Find more information about the libraries here. 

You can also find a pdf with information about libraries and culture houses below called Leisure Guide.

Museums with free entrance

Leave your wallet in your pocket and go to visit museums for free. Statens Museum for Kunst/The National Gallery of Denmark, The Museum of Copenhagen, Museum of Arms and Uniforms, The National Museum of Denmark and the Danish Architecture Centre all have free entrance one or more days a week.

Outdoor sports

Copenhagen has several sport fields where you can play sports for free without reserving a space. You can for instance find lanes at Israels Plads by Torvehallerne, at Sønder Boulevard and Litauens Plads at Vesterbro, and at Nørrebroparken.

Outdoor table tennis is also free in several places around the city. You only have to bring your own bat and ball.

Free sports for kids

Cultural houses and sports houses also have free sports and dancing activities.

At Prismen, you can sometimes join children’s yoga classes, ‘tigertræning’ (tiger training), and martial arts.

Free indoor playgrounds

  • Remisen at Østerbro is an indoor playground which is open everyday from 10 to 17
  • The National Museum of Denmark has a children’s department, where kids are allowed to play and engage with the objects. This is also free
  • Grøndalcenteret has an indoor playground with slides, a lot of balls etc. There is a small fee on Grøndalscentrets indoor playground.