Important information about your Digital Post after the transition to new Digital Post

Be sure to receive your post from public authorities.
  • Log in to or with your MitID – Here you will always receive your Digital Post from public authorities.
  • You can also read Digital Post from public authorities in e-Boks. From 21 March you have to remember to give your consent to keep receiving post from the authorities. You will be asked for your consent automatically when logging in to your e-Boks after 21 March.
  • Please note that your e-Boks now has two tabs, one which contains post from private businesses and another which contains post from public authorities.
  • Please note that the most recent Digital Post is not always listed at the top of your inbox irrespective of the platform you are using to access it. The Agency for Digitization is working to find a solution.

Be sure to receive your post from private senders

  • Post from private senders – such as banks or insurance companies, for example – will no longer be available to read at
  • In time you will be able to read Digital Post from private senders at, though, not quite yet.
  • To read your post from private senders, you must to log in to e-Boks.

Find help here

For help, or if you have questions about how to use the Digital Post platforms, please contact one of the following:

  • | Digital Post app telephone +45 33980033
  • e-Boks | e-boks app telephone +45 82303230
  • | app telephone +45 70802580