European Parliament Elections 2024

As an EU citizen, you are eligible to vote in the European Parliament elections taking place in Denmark on Sunday 9 June 2024. Furthermore, you are allowed to stand as a candidate in your member state at the elections.

How to become eligible to vote in Denmark?

  • Apply for it at your local municipality
  • Be at least 18 years old at the day of election
  • Have a citizenship in a European country
  • Have a permanent residence in Denmark with a Danish CPR number (or be a Danish citizen)

Even though you are not a Danish citizen, you will still be able to vote for the Danish candidates at the European Parliament elections on Sunday 9 June 2024, if you reside in Denmark.

You can either vote in the election in Denmark or in your home country. If you wish to vote in the election in Denmark, you cannot vote in the election in your home country. If you choose to vote in the election in Denmark, you will need to apply for it and send the application form to the municipality where you live through this site. The municipality must receive your application form by Monday 6 May 2024.

If you are looking for information about the voting opportunities in your home country, you can contact your embassy or other relevant authority in your home country. 

Please note that if you, between 29 April and 6 May 2024, have

  • Moved to Denmark 
  • Have reported a move to a new municipality OR
  • Have become a citizen of another European country,

the deadline is Monday 13 May 2024. 

Your municipality will notify you if your application has been granted. Your home country will be notified accordingly. Applications submitted after the above deadline will not take affect for the European Parliament elections 2024. 

Voting on election day or in advance

It is possible to vote in advance or on election day. If you choose to vote on election day, you show up at your local polling station, which will be listed at the poll card you receive by post approximately five days beforehand. The polling stations are open between 9-20. If you choose to vote in advance, you vote by post at your local municipality between Monday 29 April and Thursday 6 May 2024. Remember to bring ID if you want to vote in advance. 

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