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Daycare and school

Read about how the situation is affecting daycare and schools in the City of Copenhagen.

Updated 23th March at: 16:56

The municipality's schools and daycare institutions will be closed until Monday 13th April. If changes should occur or there is new information, parents can keep themselves updated on KBH Barn, AULA and here at

By closing daycare institutions and schools, it is hoped that we can avoid infecting one another - and avoid exposing our already weak and ill members of society to infection. Therefore, children should be cared for at home, if at all possible, so that the spread of infection can be contained.

Emergency childcare for children whose parents have no other options

Emergency childcare is provided for the parents who need to go to work and have no other childcare options.

In Copenhagen, there will be daycare institutions open for emergency daycare in all parts of the city. Childcare is offered in the local area, where the needs of the individual child will be considered as much as possible.

In all emergency childcare facilities, the children will be cared for in small groups of 5-6 children - with a maximum of 10 persons including adults. Extra hygienic measures and extra cleaning will be required to reduce the risk of infection.

The emergency daycare system must take parents who have a special need for daycare, into account. At the same time, it is still required that as many staff as possible stay home in order to reduce the spread of infection.

Emergency daycare generally applies to children up to and including 3rd grade. If there are special needs for daycare for other children within this age group, parents can address the school headteacher or the head of the daycare centre.

Children with special social, educational or treatment needs are offered emergency care up to 25 years of age.

If you are in need of emergency daycare services, contact your school headteacher or the head of the daycare centre. They can tell you where childcare services are being offered.

If you cannot get hold of your head of daycare or school headteacher, you can contact the local office in the area which has an overview of the emergency daycare services in your area. See the telephone numbers below.

  • Amager: 3366 7400
  • Brønshøj and Vanløse: 2777 0220
  • Nørrebro and Bispebjerg: 4042 8492
  • Valby, Vesterbro and Kgs. Enghave: 2452 6250
  • Inner City and Østerbro: 3057 3641

Open from 7am to 2pm.