Daycare and school

Read about how the situation is affecting daycare and schools in the City of Copenhagen.

Updated February 26th at 14:50

Day offers

Nurseries, kindergartens, and daycares will continue to be open as normal and we have a good and safe offer for all children who need care.

However, parents are encouraged to keep their children home from day offers if possible. This could be parents who have been sent home but who will not need to be working. By keeping your child at home, one can limit the contact and infection, however, at the same time as many parents as possible must be able to do perform their work from home in order to keep society going. It is therefore the individual family who decided whether there is a need for childcare in order to be able to make work and family life function.

Parents who keep the children at home can register temporary leave from the 8th of February until the 26th of March 2021 and can in that way get payment exemption. Read more about temporary leave and payment exemption here.

Grade 0-4

Students in grade 0-4 is back in school and after-school offers again. The children are in their usual classes for recess, lunch breaks and for teaching, and as far as possible it will be the same adults who are with the children all day. With the reopening of schools and after-school offers the personnel who show up to work will be offered two weekly quick tests at the school. 

Students and parents will be informed directly by their school via AULA on how classes will be conducted. Teaching will be emergency teaching and the full curriculum will therefore not be taught. 

Payment exemption was previously announced for 0-4th grade for after-school offers, but since schools and after-school offers are open from the 8th of February for the smallest grades, this payment exemption is terminated for this age group.

Grade 5-10

Schools and clubs are closed at the moment for 5th-10th grade in order to minimize the spread of infection. 

Students in 5th-10th grade will receive online teaching. Students and parents will continue to be informed by their school via AULA. Online teaching is emergency teaching and the full curriculum will therefore not bet taught.

Vulnerable students are exempt from the lockdown – e.g. students who receive special teaching or students with special social, pedagogical or treatment needs.

Parents with children in 5th-7th grade will automatically be exempt from payment for club offers from the 8th of February until the 26th of March 2021. Therefore you do not have to apply for payment exemption or register leave. If club offers reopen the payment exemption will be terminated.

Infection and testing

We still need to take extra good care of each other. Both children and adults must stay home if they experience symptoms of COVID-19. Read more at the Danish Health Authority.

If a child has been infected with COVID-19, it is important to inform the school or the daycare institution, and child must be kept at home.

In case of infection at an institution or school the parents to the so-called “close contacts” will be directly notified by their local leader. Close contacts must be tested for twice for COVID-19 and stay at home until they have gotten a negative test answer on both tests. The tests must be taken 4 and 6 days after the last contact with the infected. Children under 13 years may choose 7 days of isolation instead of testing. Read more at the Danish Health Authority.

Possibility of applying for unemployment benefits

If your child has been sent home from school or daycare due to the Corona virus, either as a close contact or as the infected, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits while you take care of your child. You can read more about this possibility at (in Danish).

Travel guide

Follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guides if you or your family will be traveling. The guides will be updated continuously and divide countries and regions in green, yellow, orange and red. Find more precise travel guides at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (in Danish)

Special entry rules 

There is currently a requirement that all travellers arriving in Denmark must be tested and stay at home for 10 days following their arrival - even if the test is negative when arriving. However, the 10 days at home rule can be broken if you get a negative test result 4 days after arriving at the earliest. 

Childdren and youths up to the age of 14 years are exempt from the test and isolation requirement but they ancouraged to get tested and to stay at home as everyone else is. 

Please notice that it may be counted as illegal absence if your child is at home after a foreign trip.

Read more here:

Mandatory testing and 10-day isolation for persons entering Denmark (

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