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Daycare and school

Read about how the situation is affecting daycare and schools in the City of Copenhagen.

Updated 1st June at 13:35

The situation in daycare institutions and schools have mostly returned to normal.

From August 1st the health authorities are going to ease the general recommendation on having a minimum distance of one meter between children in classrooms. However, there will still need to be a distance of one meter between children if they are together with other children from different classes and classrooms, e.g. in communal spaces.

Emergency teaching in schools will not continue on after the summer break but will instead revert back to normal teaching in accordance with the law.

There will continue to be a huge focus on cleaning and hygiene in schools and daycare institutions in order to minimize the spread of infection.

Parents and children will be directly notified by their school or daycare institution if changes occur after the summer break.

Advice on travelling

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have opened for traveling to various countries. The ministry’s travel guides are based on the health situation of each country, so make sure to follow along on The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website if you plan on travelling. (in Danish)

If your child has travel to a ‘quarantine-country’, you must keep your child home from their school or institution for 14 days after returning home. However, you will not need to do this if your child has travel to a so-called ‘open’ country or region.

Please be advised, that a stay at home due to a trip abroad will be registered as absence, unless one has very special reasons for travelling.

Pladsanvisning and free place subsidy

After corona new children will again be offered a place in the city’s institutions, however this means a large pressure on Pladsanvisningen, who unfortunately experience longer response times. (in Danish)  

Please be aware, that you can apply for a free place subsidy, if your income has fallen dramatically during the corona crisis. Read more about a free place subsidy here.

Free summer activities for children and youths

This year extra summer break activities have been planned for children and youth after the corona crisis lockdown.

We offer many different free summer break activities for families, children and youths aged 6-17 years old. See all offers here. (in Danish)