Daycare and school

Read about how the situation is affecting daycare and schools in the City of Copenhagen.

Updated the 10th November at 10:55

The City of Copenhagen are following the national guidelines and recommendations. Schools and daycare offers are open for all children, but one might experience changes in the day to day due to the increased focus on cleaning, hygiene and keeping a distance when possible. Furthermore, it is recommended that social events and camps are cancelled or postponed. Parents and children will be directly notified by their school or daycare institution.  

A continued focus on hygiene, extra cleaning and a safe day-to-day

Schools and daycare institutions must adhere to various requirements in order to minimize the risk of infection. There continues to be a big focus on cleaning and hygiene. And more resources have been allocated for cleaning. The individual institution and school may choose to make extra precautions, which fits with the local situation.

Parents and children will get notified by the school or daycare institutions about the local schoolday.

Infection and testing

We still need to take extra good care of each other. Both children and adults must stay home and contact their doctor, if they experience symptoms of COVID-19. Read more at the Danish Health Authority.

If a child has been infected with COVID-19, it is important to inform the school or the daycare institution, and child must be kept at home. The school principal or the leader of the daycare institution will together with the municipality’s health care team determine, which children and personnel have been in close contact with the infected. Parents to the so-called “close contacts” will be directly notified about isolation, testing and information on when the child can return.

The close contacts must be tested for COVID-19. It is the parents' responsibility to schedule a test. When the answer is negative – and therefore show no sign of COVID-19, one may return to school or daycare. Children under 12 years may choose 7 days of isolation instead of testing.

Read more at the Danish Health Authority.

Possibility of applying for unemployment benefits

If your child has been sent home from school or daycare due to the Corona virus, either as a close contact or as the infected, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits while you take care of your child. You can read more about this possibility at (in Danish).

Travel guide

If one is travelling abroad, it is important to follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guides. The guides are updated continually and divides countries into yellow for open countries and orange for quarantine countries.

Children, who have been travelling to a yellow country, may return to daycare or school as usual.

However, if your child has travelled to a country, which is orange due to many infected, your child must stay home for 14 days after getting home. Please be aware, that a home stay or travel abroad will be registered as absence from school unless one has special reasons for travelling.

Find more precise rules at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website (in Danish) or at the police’s website if you are travelling.