Social Concerns

Read about how the situation is affecting the activities regarding vulnerable adults and children and citizens with disabilities.

Answers regarding social concerns

Children and adults associated with the Citizen Center for People with Disabilities (Borgercenter Handicap)

All offers and efforts in the handicap area are operation normally

It is still encouraged to follow the Danish Health Authority's general advice regarding infection prevention, including maintaing good hygeine, cleaning often and staying home and getting tested when experiencing symptoms. 

Children, youth and families with contact to the Citizen Centre for Children and Adolescents (Borgercenter Børn og Unge)

All offers, measures and efforts in the child and youth area in the Social Services Administration is operating normally and following the health authorities' guidelines

Visitation restrictions can be applied if the Danish Patient Safety Authority makes the decision, e.g. due to local outbreaks.

Here you will find the City of Copenhagen's notification form if you are worried about your child's wellbeing and development (in Danish).

Vulnerable adults, the mentally ill and others who are in contact with the Citizen Centre for Adults

All offers for vulnerable adults and mentally ill are operating normally

Citizens who are not fully vaccinated will be tested for COVID-19 before moving into a residental offer.

Citizens at shelters will also be tested for COVID-19 before moving in if they are not fully vaccinated. 

Care facilities for vulnerable citizens with symptoms of COVID-19

The Social Services Administration have established temporary care facilities for vulnerable citizens with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, and who need a place to be isolated before getting better. 

Upon signing in for the social isolation offer, citizens oblige to have as little contact with other people as possible in order to decrease infection.

The offer is manned 24 hours a day, and the offer is in accordance with the health authorities' guidelines and recommendations.

Hotlines for queries regarding social and health concerns

The National Board of Health and Welfare / VISO are offering advice to managers and employees on social dilemmas in relation to the corona virus. The hotline number is: 72 42 40 00.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and The Interior has established a hotline e-mail address for, amongst other things, social offers, so one can write to one address to get answers to one's questions concerning COVID-19. The address is

The Danish Patient Safety Authority offers advice and guidance to social workers as well as workers in the health and elderly care sector regarding the corona virus.  The hotline number is: 70 20 02 66.



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