Isolation stays for citizens in Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen offers a voluntary isolation stay for citizens who are infected with COVID-19 but cannot isolate at home.
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During an isolation stay you will get your own room, three free meals a day and the option of buying a laundry service. In the room there will be access to TV and the Internet, and you will have your own bathroom.

Here you can learn more about who is eligible for a voluntary isolation stay, what requirements there are and how you apply for isolation outside of the home.

Application requirements

In order to be assigned an isolation stay, you must:

  • Live in the City of Copenhagen
  • Be tested positive for COVID-19 or be a close contact to someone who is infected with COVID-19
  • Have no to mild symptoms
  • Be able to care for yourself with no outside help

Beyond this there might be requirements to e.g. the size of your home. See more about the requirements below.

How you apply

Close contacts to some with COVID-19: call the isolation line at 33 66 33 00, weekdays from 9am to 3pm, weekends and holidays from 10am to 12pm.

Testes positive for COVID-19: send the answer of your COVID-19 test to this secure mailbox. See how in this guide (in Danish). Wait 30 minutes and then call the isolation line at 33 66 33 00 who will guide you from here. During the conversation you will be told whether you will be offered an isolation stay.

Isolation line telephone 33 66 33 00 is open weekdays from 9am to 3pm and weekends and holidays from 10am to 12pm.

During the stay

  • Check-in as quickly as possible before 10pm on the day your offered isolation housing.
  • Transport: drive your own car or get a ride from a family member, where you are sitting at a distance, e.g. at the backseat of the car. Do not use public transportation. Call 33 66 33 00 if you have trouble securing transportation to the isolation housing.
  • You can live at the hotel for 48 hours after you no longer have any symptoms or up to 7 days after you have been tested positive if you have no symptoms.
  • Call 33 66 33 00 when you check-in and notify the hotel as well.
  • Avoid visits during the stay and follow the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines (in Danish).


  • The isolation stay is free of charge
  • You must pay for potential parking and washing
  • You decide whether to receive three free meals a day at the hotel, or on your own expense order take-out or get food delivered
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel is free.

Apply for an isolation stay

When am I a close contact?

You are a close contact when you have been in close proximity to an infected person in one of the following periods:

An infected person with symptoms: from 48 hours before the person’s symptoms started and until 48 hours after the person’s symptoms stopped.
An infected person without symptoms before the person had the test done till 7 days after.

If you haven’t been close to the infected person in one of those two periods you are not a close contact, and you don’t need to do anything further.

If you have been a close to an infected person in the abovementioned period, you are a close contact if you also live up to one of the following criteriums:

  • You live with an infected person.
  • You have had physical contact (e.g. a hug) with an infected person, or unprotected or direct contact to secretion from an infected person (e.g. being coughed or sneezed upon by an infected person or touched an infected person’s handkerchief or face masks etc.).
  • You have for more than 15 minutes been within a distance of 2 meters with an infected person in one of the following scenarios, where the risk of infection is high:
    • Activities with severe exhalation, e.g. singing or yelling.
    • Activities that require physical effort, e.g. fitness or yoga.
    • Stays in closed rooms with bad ventilation.

You will typically be notified if you’re a close contact:

  • By being contacted by Coronaopsporing, which helps infected people trace close contacts.
  • By getting contacted by the person you know who have been tested positive.
  • By being contacted in relation to cases of infection at schools, in daycare offers, educational institutions, at workplaces, etc.
What requirements do I have to live up to in order to be offered an isolation stay?

You can be offered an isolation stay if you:

  • Share a household with many people in a small area and/or don’t have the optimal room separation and/or
  • Share a household with one or more people who are at high risk of having a serious disease course, and where it will be hard to ensure a safe distance and/or
  • Share a household with other people who have difficulties keeping their distance, etc., e.g. due to social problems or cognitive impairment
I cannot figure out how to send my positive COVID-19 test results, what do I do?

Read this guide that explains how to find your test results and send them to the special team at Citizen Service (Borgerservice). If you still have problems, you can call the special team at 33 66 33 00 and they can help you through the steps.

I cannot gain access to e-Boks or I am exempt from e-Boks, what do I do?

You can give a declaration of honor over the phone. Call 33 66 33 00.

My doctor says I have COVID-19 but I still cannot see my positive COVID-19 test. What do I do?

Before 72 hours your test will be available at, and after this you may apply for an isolation stay.

I am under 18 years old; can I get an isolation stay?

If you are under 18 years old, you may be offered an isolation stay together with an adult from your household.

I do not have an address in Denmark, can I get an isolation stay?

If you’re a tourist or if you’re temporarily in Denmark, you may be offered an isolation stay.

Can I get an isolation stay if my test was inconclusive?

If your test neither shows that you were infected or well, will have to get tested again. You will not be offered an isolation stay until you have a positive COVID-19 test.

Can I complain if I was not offered an isolation stay?

You cannot file a complaint with another administrative authority concerning the decision.

About your isolation stay

Where am I going to live during my isolation stay?

The isolation stay will take place in the City of Copenhagen at Cabinn Apartments or Cabinn Copenhagen.

Do I have to pay for anything during the isolation stay?

The stay at the hotel is paid for by the City of Copenhagen, but you will have to pay for personal toiletries, parking for your car and washing. The food at the hotel is free.

For how long can I stay at the hotel?

You can live at the hotel for up to 48 hours after you are not experiencing symptoms. If you have not experienced any symptoms at any time, you can stay at the hotel for seven days after being tested positive.

How do I get to the hotel?

It is preferable if you drive yourself or get a ride from your immediate family. If you get a ride from a family member, we recommend that you sit in the backseat of the car.

Can my family visit me at the hotel?

We do not recommend that you receive any visitors during your isolation stay. 

How is the hotel adhering to the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines?

The hotel’s staff are instructed in how to adhere to the Danish Health Authority’s general guidelines, amongst these the distance requirement of two meters to any infected persons, avoid physical contact and be aware of hand hygiene and cleaning. The hotel’s cleaning staff is taught to adhere to specific requirements for cleaning the hotel rooms and the common areas, such as elevators, staircases and floors.

What guidelines do I need to follow at the hotel?

You must eat all your meals in your hotel room. During the stay you must clean your own hotel room, the hotel will provide you with the necessary cleaning supplies. However, at the end of your stay the hotel will make sure to clean the room, so that it is ready for the next citizen.

How will things proceed, if I wish to have food delivered from outside, either as take-away or by my family?

If you wish to have food delivered from outside, it must be delivered at the rear or side entrance - the entrance you used when you arrived at the hotel.


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Specialteamet hos Københavns Kommunes Borgerservice

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Monday-friday: 8am-3pm

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