COVID-19 vaccination

In Copenhagen there are several options when you get vaccinated against COVID-19. This applies to both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd shot.

All Danes over the age of 12 are currently invited to get vaccinated, and the vaccinations are well underway. Children between the age of 12 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent.

Vaccinations are being done with both Pfizer and Moderna.

The oldest and most vulnerable are currently being invited to get their 3rd shot. This is given to strengthen the vaccination and maintain a good protection against COVID-19. You will receive an invite to the 3rd shot in your e-Boks or by letter from the Danish Health Authority.

Both big and small vaccination centers

It is the Capital Region who are responsible for performing the vaccinations against COVID-19. This is primarily being done in big vaccination centers with long opening hours. But there are also local vaccination centers who are open for shorter periods.

You can get vaccinated both with and without an appointment.

The Danish Health Authority recommends vaccinations

The Danish Health Authority recommends getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine protects against infection and getting sick from COVID-19. This recommendation also applies if you have already had COVID-19.

Talk to a health professional

If you have questions about COVID-19 or about vaccination against COVID-19, you can call the authorities’ collective COVID-19 hotline via phone: 70 20 02 33. You can also send at text with “vac” to 1231. You will then be called up by a health professional.

At the Danish Health Authority’s website, you can read more about why vaccinations are being performed, about the Danish vaccine program and possible side effects ( – link in Danish).

If you have questions about whether you should take the vaccination offer, you should talk with your own doctor or the hospital doctor who knows your disease course.

Transport and accompaniment

Help with transport

Can you come to the vaccination center on your own or with help from a next of kin, due to a physical or mental disability? Then you can get help from the City of Copenhagen.

  • If you have turned 65 years old, you must contact visitation at the Social Services Administration via phone: 33 66 33 66
  • If you are under the age of 65, you must contact Vaccinationslinjen at Copenhagen Citizen Service via phone: 33 66 33 35

Someone to go with

Would you like someone to go with you to your vaccination? The Red Cross has an accompaniment scheme where the take you to get vaccinated and take you home again afterwards.

The person from Red Cross who will accompany you, will meet you at your home, accompany you on public transportation to the vaccination center, wait with you I the observation area and make sure that you get home safely.

Contact the Red Cross at 35 29 96 60