Corona passport for citizens without NemID and address

Citizens without NemID and address can get a corona passport at Copenhagen Visitor Service.

It is the citizen’s contact person who is in charge of applying for a corona passport.  This could for example be a street plan employee, an outreach support person or a person at a municipal or private shelter.

This is how you apply for a corona passport as a contact person

Write an email to Copenhagen Visitor Service at In the email you must inform us of:

  • The citizen’s name
  • The citizen’s cpr-number
  • How the passport should be delivered. We can send it to e.g. a shelter or homeless unit; include the address. We can also send it to Copenhagen Visitor Service, Vesterbrogade 4B, 1620 KBH V, where you can pick it up in a sealed envelope.

You can apply on behalf of multiple people in one mail.

You will receive/be able to pick up the corona passport within 10 days.


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