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Business House Copenhagen (Københavns Erhvervshus) would like to help your business if you need guidance on guidelines concerning COVID-19.

We would like to help businesses who need guidance concerning COVID-19. It probably won’t be everything that we can answer but we can refer you to the right place. This concerns everything from guidance on compensation schemes, reimbursement for online courses.

If you have questions you can call us on 33 66 33 33 from Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

This is how you can get guidance

Get help from Virksomhedsguiden

You can get answers to a lot of questions concerning the corona crisis at Virksomhedsguiden.

You can also call Virksomhedsguiden’s hotline at 72 20 00 34 Monday through Thursday from 8.30am-4pm and Friday from 9am-3pm.

Possibility of sending employees partially home without pay

Parliament has agreed on numerous initiatives that shall help remedy some of the economic consequences from the partial lockdown of Denmark due to Corona. One of the central initiatives is a relaxation of the rules concerning ‘arbejdsfordeling’ (work distribution). The scheme gives you the possibility of not paying your employees for a period – without having to fire the employees.

Arbejdsfordeling (work distribution) reduces the work hours so that employees share what work there is at the company, and in the remaining time the employees will be considered unemployed.

The employees will receive their normal salary when working, and the employees who are members of an a-kasse, will receive unemployment benefits as a supplement when there are not working.

Read more about the scheme here (in Danish).

Compensation schemes

As a business you can utilize several different compensation schemes from the state. This applies to e.g.:

  • Payment of salary for employees who have been sent home
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost B-income (B-indkomst)
  • Fixed costs
  • Expenses in relation to cancelled events

Read more about the salary compensation schemes here (in Danish).

Free online meetings on digital marketing

Copenhagen Business Hub (Københavns Erhvervshus) are currently offering free webinars (in Danish) for businesses who wish to strengthen their customer relations and online presence. Throughout five livestreams you will learn more about digital marketing concerning budget, social media and digitization of your products and services.

Read more and sign-up for the Business Hub’s free webinars (in Danish).

Help schemes for the business life

Many companies who have been affected by covid restrictions have the possibility of applying for coverage of fixed costs, lost revenue and compensation for the salary of employees who have been sent home.


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