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City operations

This is how we will operate during the coronavirus crisis.

Last updated 23th March at 16:54

Public toilets

All of the manned toilets and most of the unmanned toilets throughout the city have been closed. The toilets that are open, are: the drug users’ toilets in the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen), at Anker Jørgensens Plads and in Stengade, as well as the 7 “pillar” toilets at the following locations:

  • Vor Frue Plads
  • Christiansborg Slotsplads
  • Gammel Torv
  • Axeltorv
  • Islands Brygge 20 B
  • Bella Center Station
  • Ålholm Plads
  • The disabled toilet at Vester Søgade by the Planetarium is also open.


Parking control will be reduced in the upcoming period. The parking rules throughout Copenhagen continue to apply, however, time restrictions for transport carrying goods will not be applicable until 10th May.

All underground parking facilities in the city are closed as they are not being operated

Waste bins and cleaning activities

Emptying waste bins and cleaning the city have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

Domestic waste must continue to be disposed of in the containers that the property has available for municipal waste - not in the waste bins on the street.

Municipal waste

Municipal waste will continue to be collected throughout the city.

Recycling and local recycling centres

The recycling centres in Copenhagen will rely on emergency staff, and all local recycling centres are closed. See what this means for you on the website

Emergency pest control

If you see a rat, you can still get help from the municipality's pest control team, but the number of staff has been reduced, and the most urgent tasks are given priority.  Please see more at

Crematoriums, Burials and Cemeteries

Crematoriums, burials and cemeteries will still be running to a limited extent and with stricter guidelines to minimize contact between staff and relatives.

The customer centres at Vestre og Bispebjerg Cemeterys is closed for face-to-face service, but you can get in touch with the staff via the entrance telephones or by calling 3366 9100 between 9am and 2pm.

The cherry blossom path (Kirsebæralléen) at Bispebjerg Cemetery is closed off because of the risk of contracting the corona virus. There is no access to the path.

Municipal authority tasks

Municipal authority tasks continues to be carried out, for example, with building case management, district plans, bathing water, etc.