Citizen Service

Copenhagen's Citizen Service is partially open - remember to book an appointment.

Last updated 9th December at 9 am

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, we will only be able to see you, if you have booked an appointment in advance. We have closed citizen services in Brønshøj, Vanløse and on Øbro/Jagtvej. If your inquiry is critical, you can still book an appointment at the other citizen service centers.

If you prefer, you can try to handle things yourself at

Dispensing of free face masks for certain citizens (does not require an appointment)

If you receive cash benefits, integration benefits or if you are socially vulnerable, you are eligible to receive free face masks at the citizen service. You may use the face masks in public transportation, and you can get 5- 10 masks dispensed at a time.

You do not need to make an appointment, you only need to come in and get the masks:

Rentemestervej Library

Rentemestervej 76, 2400 København NV
Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-2pm

Sundby Library

Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, 2300 København S
Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am-2pm

Citizen Service Indre By

Nyropsgade 7, 1602, København V
Opening hours: Monday 8am-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-5pm, Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-3pm

Read more about face masks in the Ministry of Transport and Housing’s guide for passengers in public transportation (in Danish).

See how you use face masks correctly at the Danish Health Authority’s website.