Events and street performance

You can hire the City of Copenhagen’s public spaces – parks, churchyards, scenic areas, roads and squares – for all types of open events.

The city is there to be used, so if you have an idea that is of interest to Copenhagen and open to everyone, you can hire a public space. You may not, however, reserve public spaces for private gatherings such as corporate events, weddings etc. or for purely commercial events.

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How do I apply for permission to hold an event in Copenhagen?

You must apply to the City of Copenhagen for permission to hold an event in any public space, such as squares, roads or parks. The event must be open to the public and of general interest. You cannot hire public spaces for purely commercial or private events.

Apply here 

Unfortunately, our application portal is in Danish only. If you need advice in English, please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact information below.  

Please be aware that the most popular spaces are often reserved well into the future. And you may have to pay a market rent in our parks if your events is commercial or profitable.

You will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received. You will hear from a case worker within 14 days. The actual permit for the event will be sent later by mail.

In the case of larger events, such as those where it is necessary to block off traffic or set up a platform, stage or tent, it will often take longer to process the application.

How do I apply for permission to put on a street performance in Copenhagen?

You are welcome to put on a street performance in the city’s pedestrian streets and squares without permission, provided you are considerate and follow some simple rules. However, under Danish law you are not permitted to collect money.

Rules for street performance

Street performance groups comprising more than three people must apply to the City of Copenhagen to obtain permission to hold an event. Apply here

Unfortunately, the application form is in Danish only.


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