You can contact the Copenhagen Business Hub (Københavns Erhvervshus) at telephone number 33 66 33 33

Monday-Friday during the opening hours between 8am-5pm.  Read more about business/industry here.

Updated 19th March at 11:53

Copenhagen Business Hub is still open

Please call 33 66 33 66, Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm

We want to help companies that are in need of advice. We can probably not answer all of your queries, but in that given case, we will direct you to someone who can.

Read more about Copenhagen Business Hub (in Danish)

Opportunities to send employees home (on a partial basis) without pay

The Danish government has adopted a series of initiatives aimed at mitigating some of the economic consequences of the Denmark’s partial lockdown due to the corona virus.  Two key initiatives are the relaxation of the rules on the 'division of labor' and the introduction of a ‘salary compensation'. The schemes allow you to not have to pay your employees for a period of time - so as to avoid laying them off.

Read more about the schemes here (in Danish)

Temporary legislative change on reimbursement and sickness benefits due to the corona virus

The Parliament has passed a temporary law amendment, which means that employers are granted an extended right to reimbursement, while self-employed people are extended the right to sickness benefits as a result of the corona virus.

Read more about the new legislation here (in Danish)

The Business guide hotline

If you, as a company, have questions relating to the corona virus, you can call the Business Guide hotline at: 72 20 00 34, Mon-Thurs from 8.30am to 4pm, Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Faster payment to suppliers

The City of Copenhagen will pay their invoices in advance.  This is done in order to provide financial aid to companies that are feeling the strain of the lack of activity in the wake of the corona crisis. 

Currently, this means that DKK 600 million can be sent out to companies which can help to improve the companies’ liquidity.  This is the amount that the Municipality owes, which would otherwise only be paid after 30 days. The Municipality has invoices from about 4,500 different suppliers in total.

Until the end of May, the suppliers of Copenhagen Municipality will receive payments after approx. two weeks in comparison to today, which would be after 30 days.

Construction Projects

Ongoing construction projects will continue to be in process, and we strive to support the production that our consultants and contractors can maintain.

All employees in Construction Copenhagen (Byggeri København (ByK)) are working from home and all scheduled meetings will be conducted via telephone or Teams/Skype, where possible.

See more in-depth information at (in Danish)

Delivery shipments

In order to facilitate the work on maintaining the supply of goods in stores, it will be possible to deliver goods to the stores in Copenhagen regardless of the time limits which are on display.  The police and the municipality's enforcement of these restrictions is therefore not applicable to them until Friday 27th March 2020.

Please follow the recommendations at 

Many institutions and workplaces are temporarily closed or are open albeit with significant changes made. We would very much like to avoid the spread of the corona virus in our institutions and workplaces. Therefore, the City of Copenhagen recommends that you, as a supplier, follow the recommendations of the Health Authorities on the website

We pay special attention to the healthcare and elderly services, e.g. nursing homes, community centres, health centres, home care, and rehabilitation centres etc. Please contact us should you have any doubts.

If necessary and practically feasible, meetings can be conducted via telephone or Teams.