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Zikoh Kouassi-Zessia

Helps English-language entrepreneurs with financial management, networking, internationalization, market research and financing.
  • Zikoh Kouassi-Zessia

You can contact Zikoh if you:

  • Need to be challenged on your business page
  • Need guidance on financing and budgeting
  • Need to get sparring on crowdfunding, smart city or fintech

Zikoh's primary focus is on providing advice to English-language entrepreneurs for business development and startup. The core of Zikoh's advice is his financial background, and Zikoh also advises everything from financing to budgeting. In addition, Zikoh has an inherent passion for all new things in the world of entrepreneurship, including crowdfunding, smart city and fintech, and is therefore always ready to talk about what the future can offer in your field.

In the meeting with Zikoh you get the opportunity to be challenged on your company's basic idea and sparring of potentially undiscovered opportunities or challenges. A consultancy with Zikoh always takes the basis of your challenges, but often with a methodical approach with tools from Business Model Canvas or concrete tools from the Growth Wheel. Therefore, you usually end up with more homework than you came in with, but at the same time clarifying what you will continue in the future.

Zikoh is also responsible for the business mentorship program and can be contacted if you want to be a mentor or want to seek a mentor.

Contact for personal advice

Tlf: 21 99 68 85