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Who can help me search for a job?

When you are unemployed and looking for a job, the job centre can help you. You can also get help other places.

About the job centre

If you get unemployed, you must register at your job centre.

The purpose of the job centre is:

  • Creating contact between employees and employers.
  • Assisting and advising you in your process when you search for jobs.
  • Making sure that you meet the requirements that your unemployment fund have for your search and that decide whether you are entitled to receive benefits. Read more at What is an unemployment fund (a-kasse)? and What are unemployment benefits (dagpenge)?
  • Creating a physical location with access to computers where you as a job seeker can come and look for jobs. 

Find more information at Unemployed.

Unemployment fund and trade union

Your unemployment fund and your trade union can also help you find a job if you are unemployed. See more about unemployment funds and trade unions at Unemployed.

In addition to this there are a large number of private operators (consultants, coaches, etc.) who you can pay to help you upgrade your skills, motivate you and target your job search.

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