Which public subsidies can I get with a newborn?

You are entitled to different subsidies with a newborn and when you are on maternal/paternal leave.

In order to receive maternity/paternity benefits from Udbetaling Danmark (this page is in Danish), you must be employed in Denmark when your leave begins.

If your child is newborn when you move to Denmark

You can receive payments from Udbetaling Danmark if:

  • You have been employed for at least 13 weeks after your arrival to Denmark, or if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits.
  • You do no longer receive maternity/paternity benefits from the country that you arrive from.
  • Your child was born less than 46 weeks ago.

If you comply with all these terms, you are eligible for maternity/paternity benefits until your child is 46 weeks old.

If you or the child’s other parent is not subject to the Danish maternity/paternity rules before your child is 46 weeks old, you cannot take your leave and receive maternity/paternity benefits from Udbetaling Danmark later on.

If only one of you is eligible for maternity/paternity benefits from Denmark

If you, and not the child’s other parent, are eligible for the benefits from Denmark, you have a right to maternity/paternity benefits in 16 weeks out of the 32 weeks of the child-care leave.

However, you can receive the benefits in all 32 weeks if you live alone with the child, or if you can document that the child’s other parent does not receive benefits from a different country during this period.

How to receive maternity/paternity benefits

No later than 3 months before the expected birth, you have to inform your employer when you plan to take your leave.

As a father to be, you have to inform your employer no later than 4 weeks before your expect to take your paternity leave, when you wish to take your 2 weeks of leave.

Your employer will apply for you

You have to ask your employer to apply for your maternity/paternity benefits through NemRefusion. Subsequently, you will receive a letter of notification from Udbetaling Danmark asking you to fill out a form with additional information, which you have to return.

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