Where should I look to find student housing in Copenhagen?

When you are looking for a place to live as a student in Copenhagen, you can start looking at what the place you study recommends.

Start at the place you study

The place you study will often have good advice on how to find a cheap accommodation close to your study. Start by examining their recommendations.

You can find a link to the different educational institutions here.

Halls of residence

Many students prefer to live in halls of residence. This is both because it is cheap but also to get to know other students by living with them. 

You can read more about the different halls of residence here, and you can get signed up on an urgent waiting list if you urgently need a place to stay.

At Study in Denmark you can find a guide to the whole application process. Here you can also find links to relevant housing portals and find more advice on search for housing as a student.

See more at Where is the best place to live as a student in Copenhagen? and get more general information about housing in Copenhagen here.