What is an unemployment fund (a-kasse)?

An a-kasse is the same as an unemployment insurance fund. Learn more about unemployment funds here.

You can get unemployment benefits (dagpenge) from the unemployment fund, if you lose your job.

However, this requires that you are a member of an unemployment fund, and that they approve you as a recipient of unemployment benefits.

It is also the unemployment fund that calculate which amount you are entitled to. Learn more about unemployment benefits here.

The difference between the unemployment fund and the job centre

It is the unemployment fund that is responsible for payment of your unemployment benefits, whereas the job centre is the place that helps you to find a new job.

Learn more about how your job centre can help you find a new job here. 

They work together

If you are unemployed and receive unemployment benefits, the 2 institutions (job centre and unemployment fund) work together to ensure that you are actively seeking employment and thus meet the requirement that entitles you to benefits.

The unemployment fund offers

  • Career guidance.
  • Advice on job search (personal advice and courses).
  • Opportunity for receiving benefits for up to 3 months if you want to apply for jobs in another EEA country.


As with trade unions the membership fees for unemployment funds vary. The price is on average DKK 420 per month. The amount is tax deductible.

Contact Danske A-kasser if you have questions about what a-kasse you should choose and read more about each a-kasse here (in Danish).