What is a trade union (fagforening)?

A fagforening is a trade union. They give advice and support to employees (for example with pay negotiations).

Trade unions offer advice, coaching and courses and they often publish magazines with articles on work-related topics.

The members use their trade union for pay negotiations, job search, legal questions and much more. Some trade unions offer discounts for their members on certain products and services.

This varies from one trade union to the other. About 80 percent of all Danes are members of a trade union.

Your choice of trade union

When you choose your trade union, you need to be aware of which line of business you work in.

Trade unions are experts in each own field. Therefore, it is important that the trade union which represents you and gives you advice knows your work area.

Trade union and unemployment

The different trade unions have their own unemployment funds (a-kasser), but you do not have to be a member of a trade union to receive unemployment benefits (dagpenge).

See more about unemployment funds here. 

Work in Denmark

At Work in Denmark you can find all trade unions in Denmark. Here you can for example find guides to how you:

  • Search for a job (see also How do I increase my chances of finding a job?)
  • Make a profile for job search, upload you CV etc.
  • Find out about of the different rules and conditions that apply to the Danish labour market.
  • Find information about banks, registrations, insurance, housing, children, institutions, etc.

The price

The membership fees for trade unions vary. In most cases, it is below DKK 1,000 every 3 months. Up to DKK 3,000 is tax deductible per year.