What should I do if my child falls ill?

If your child is ill you should call your own personal doctor.

Your own doctor will examine your child and plan the further treatment. You can read more about when to call your doctor at When can I call my doctor?

If your child is ill for a longer period of time you have a right to take a leave of absence for up to 6 months to take care of your child. Read more about that at How do I apply for leave of absence to take care of a close family member?

Apply for care benefits below. Please note that the form is in Danish.

Open the form and print it

Send the form to:
Handicapcenter København
Thoravej 29
2400 Copenhagen NV


  • The municipality will employ you during your leave of absence. You will receive a salary of DKK 20,935 per month (2014). However, you cannot receive an amount larger, than what you are usually paid by your employer. You maintain your right to receive unemployment benefits, holiday pay etc.
  • You may divide your leave of absence into more periods on agreement with your employer.
  • You may also extend the period with up to 3 months.

Extend the leave

You may take leave of absence for up to 6 months. In special cases, the City of Copenhagen can extend your leave by 3 months. If there is more than one person, who wishes to care for the child, it is possible to share the leave by dividing the period into whole months.