What should I be aware of when I get a job in Denmark?

You have to be aware of several things. First of all you need to have a proper contract.

Trade union

You can talk to your trade union about whether your contract is correct. Your trade union can also help you with many other things regarding your employment.

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Unemployment fund

It is also a good idea to join an unemployment fund (a-kasse). An unemployment fund will pay you unemployment benefits if you suddenly find yourself without a job. The unemployment fund can also help you with other things.

They organise courses, for example, and they can also help you with your applications if you are unemployed.

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When you are working in Denmark, you must register with the Danish Tax Agency so that you can pay tax in Denmark. You can register with the Danish Tax Agency by filling in form no. 04.063.

Find form no. 04.063 here. 

You can also get help from International Citizen Service. 

Find more information about registering with the Danish Tax Agency when you arrive in Denmark.

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Workplace culture

You also have to be aware of the Danish workplace culture, which is not as formal as in some other countries.

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